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* Updated for Patch 7.3.5 *

    Choose your server to begin is a new tool for analyzing, browsing and searching the World of Warcraft Auction House. It allows you to...

1. Look up the price of any item on any server
2. Estimate what to sell an item for when no one else is selling that item
3. Browse detailed category pages for all crafting and gathering professions
4. Spy on what your competitors are selling
5. Search for profitable arbitrage opportunities

It attempts to consolidate and build upon many of the most useful features from other AH-tracking websites such as The Undermine Journal, WoWuction and TradeSkillMaster.

What realms are supported?
The site currently supports all US, EU, KR and TW realms. CN realms can be added in the future if certain technical issues are resolved on Blizzard's end.

What languages are supported?
Items can be browsed or searched for in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Korean or Chinese.

What items are supported?
Every auctionable item and battle pet in the game as of patch 7.3.5.

How often are the prices updated?
Approximately once per hour, which is as often as Blizzard's API provides.

What can the site do?
 • You can search for any item or battle pet to see it's current, average, and global median price
 • You can search for any seller to see all of the items currently for sale by that seller
 • You can search for keywords such as ore, bars, herbs, hides, bags or deals in the search box to see all items of that type
 • You can search for a patch number (such as patch 7.3) in the search box to see all the auctionable items added in that patch
 • You can browse detailed category pages for all professions showing all auctionable items associated with that profession and their current quantity, price and source

Unique Features
You can scan for underpriced items on your server using one of the following...

Deals Page
This page scans every single item and battle pet currently on your AH and displays any item it finds which is listed for 10% or below it's global median sorted by profitability. It also provides a link to buy the item from the Remote AH if you're away from your main computer and spot a good deal.

Deals Page - RSS Feed
This page provides an RSS feed of the Deals page that can be loaded into an RSS reader to notify you of deals when you aren't actively visiting the website.

Snatch List
This page contains a pre-defined snatch list of valuable items and pets and will display any item it finds that is selling for 25% or below it's global median.

This page works similarly to the snatch list page but is exclusively for transmog. It will show any transmog currently on your AH it believes to be valuable but that is selling for 25% or below it's global median.

Vendor Recipes
Some people like to buy limited-supply recipes and pets from vendors and then sell them on the AH for a profit. This page contains a list of every vendor-bought recipe in the game that can be sold on the auction house and the location of the vendor who sells it. If you scroll to the bottom of the page there's also a giant list of TomTom coordinates of all vendor locations for easy copy-and-pasting.

Blood of Sargeras
This page shows all auctionable items that can be bought with Blood of Sargeras and calculates how much gold you could make per blood if that item were sold on the auction house.

What's to come
As time goes on these are the features I plan on adding in the future...

-Reagent costs for crafted items
-Email/twitter notifications for when an item becomes available at a price you specify
-Customizable RSS feeds
-The ability to create lists of your favorite items or sellers
-Advanced search (seach by item level, required level, quality, tertiary stat, etc)
-Global search
-The ability to compare prices across realms
-The ability to create custom TSM groups

As you can imagine building a site like this requires an enormous amount of time and skill to develop and maintain. If you appreciate the time and effort that went into building it you can show your support by making a Patreon pledge in any amount.


Prices last updated: Jul 17 2018 04:16 PM PDT